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2018: My best year: Cristiano Ronaldo

Discussion in 'Italian League' started by sport maestro, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    Juventus Star Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed that 2018 was the best year of his career, after leading Real Madrid to their third successive UEFA Champions League and then joining Serie A giants Juventus in the summer.

    It's been reported that the 33-year-old shocked the world when he decided to end his nine-year trophy laden spell at the Bernabeu and move to the Serie A, but Ronaldo feels his decision to make the change has been vindicated by their brilliant start to the new season.

    “I don’t work to break records, rather I work for the good of the club. 2018 was the best year of my career.
    "In Serie A they mark me as tightly as they do in Spain, but there’s less space here because all the teams have excellent defences," Ronaldo said as quoted by Juvefc.

    “Winning the Champions League is a dream, but we mustn’t make it an obsession. Team trophies count and I’m working to win them.

    "Everyone in Turin welcomed me in a fantastic way. We’re all feeling very good. I don’t know when my career will end, but I’m fine and I want to keep going for many more years.

    "Will I go back to Sporting like Nani? In football you never know… It was the right decision to leave the national momentarily, but I’ll be back in 2019."
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  2. Aloys

    Aloys New Member

    Ronaldo is fantastic player, He feels at home with juve He will help Juve win the champions league . Coming back in 2019 for his country is Great
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  3. Mercy

    Mercy New Member

    Me too, 2018 was my best year in football.
    Ronaldos first world cup match draw
    Messi's first world cup match draw
    Messi :Was crowned Miss Penalty
    Ronaldo: Succeeded Messi as Miss Penalty shortly
    Messi : Left World cup in the 2nd round
    Ronaldo: followed shortly with his second round exit.
    Ronaldo was found guilty of tax evasion in 2018 .
    To crown it all, Ronaldo and Messi lost the Ballon d'Or and World best player to Luka Modric.
    To all Ronaldo and Messi fans: What goes around, comes around
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  4. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    The dwarf at Camp Nou cannot leave leave the club.
    Why? simply because hewill be exposed as a fraud
    Ronaldo has no rival
    He did it at Portugal with Lisbon
    He did it at England with Man Utd
    He did it at Spain with Madrid
    And now he's doing it with Juventus.
    Ronaldo the real GOAT
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  5. Why are you like this?
    Are you trying to say that if Ronaldo is benched for the whole season in Juventus,they won't win their league? .
    Or if Messi decides to go to PSG and he's benched for a whole season,PSG won't still win their league?
    Why do you people hammer on this Messi Barcelona synergy?
    Pls stop it because it's very lame.
    Compare their football performance and leave their personalities.
    I see it this way
    Messi is a cancerian (they are loyal and dedicated)
    Ronaldo is an aquarian (they hate being in one place and doing one thing for a long time,they find it difficult to stay loyal,they are also great humanitarians).
    Same way messi is loyal, ronaldo can't stay loyal.
    So asking Messi to be a disloyal bigot like ronaldo inorder to proove himself is a very stupid request.
    Why can't ronaldo try being like messi, lets see if he can.
    When Messi was 12, he needed a growth hormone surgery inorder to grow or he would've been like aki and pawpaw today.
    A surgery only barca agreed to pay for.
    He owes Barcelona alot.
    How do you betray that kinda love and loyalty?..
    They pay him well, better than ronaldo..
    Why should he leave?
    Think about it. Thanks
  6. Aloys

    Aloys New Member

    I think Christiano Ronaldo is a lot faster then Messi. He can play with right or left feet he is miles ahead of Messi in headers he’s way better fit than Messi he can play in any team I don’t know if Messi can I have my doubts specially in the English league he will not stand a chance
  7. Real Tosin

    Real Tosin Active Member

    With all you have said, the speed, the use of both leg, the header and other things, he does not have goals, assists man of the match awards, ballon d'Or titles and other individuals accolades more than Messi. Imagine if Messi has all that?
    Tell me what Ronaldo has achieved with all you mentioned than Messi?
  8. Real Tosin

    Real Tosin Active Member

    My friend, think about this, if you have a job that pays the highest salary and benefits also gives u anything you demand for, will you look for anorher job? That's just whats happening to Messi and Barcelona. Ronaldo jumps from one club to another because of money. He demanded for higher weekly salary at Madrid but the club didn't grant his request because he wasn't valued and because he's not indispensable. He was envying messi and some other footballers because they earn more than him weekely. That's was the major reason he left. If it was not because of the money why did he not go to a smaller club?

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