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5 Beauty Mistakes That Make You Look Older Than Your Age

Discussion in 'Love, Romance and Relationships' started by Adesuyi Temidayo, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Adesuyi Temidayo

    Adesuyi Temidayo New Member

    Everybody want to look good no matter who you are, rich like Bill Gates or poor like church rat, tall Robert Pershing Wadlow, short like Chandra Bahadur Dangi, either you are chubby or skinny light or dark, we love been admired. In an attempt to look good, we make lots of costly mistakes.

    Women especially want to look ravishing and beautiful. While some are lucky enough to get it all right some don't and in an attempt to look make thing make thing worse. Reason being that they make some beauty mistakes that may make them appear older than their age.

    For women not to make things worse for themselves while trying to look good, there are some mistakes they need to avoid, we will brief highlight those mistakes and hope you avoid them hence forth.

    1. To much foundation.
    I and my kid sister saw this lady last time we went on a vacation, we were stunned. My sister said "The foundation on her face can hold a 12 storey building" meaning it was way beyond normal. In an attempt to cover the spots you apply foundation on your face, but you end up looking like a masquerade. To avoid that light apply the foundation on your face and trust me, you are good to go.

    2. You decide to bleach
    This sucks like hell, bleaching, some call it toning, whatever. You end up multicolored, how does that make you look good? It's still fair if you have enough money to maintain but if you don't? haa, you can scare the hell out of infants. Bleaching does not make you look good. If anything the opposite and using a cream with hydroquinne on your skin is synonymous to praying for Cancer.

    3. Excess makeup
    As the name implies, makeup, you make up for your deficit, sorry I used that word. But when you don't get it right it make you look old but if you get it right? You look way younger and beautiful. However, some women overuse makeup that it makes them look older. In fact not all lady look good on make, so just don't.

    4. Neglecting or mishandling your brows
    In an attempt to look good, one of those things women do is to shave off their brow, I once asked a lady if that's the best thing she can do with her brow she said yes affirmatively and I was like are you kidding me? Your eyebrow is one of the first things that is noticed on your face. Don't just ignore it, you can use a pomade or eyeliner to make it look good.

    5. Poor hair styling
    Why do Muslim women cover their hair? I don't know, you tell me but this I'm sure of a woman’s hair is the beauty of a woman. So the way you style will have an overall affect on how you look. Not all hair style will look good on you, know your hair and know the style that fits you.
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