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Another flop? Luis Enrique wants Luis Suarez to lead Chelsea attack if he takes over at Chelsea.

Discussion in 'English league' started by sport maestro, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    Chelsea are reportedly planning on replacing Antonio Conte with former Barcelona boss Enrique and report has it that he has been reportedly offered a two year deal to bring back the glory days to Chelsea who are currently fourth in the league.

    Conte is under more pressure than ever and he's on the brink at Chelsea after a 4-1 humiliation at the hands of Watford on Monday night, and Roman Abramovich wants out-of-work former Barcelona manager Luis Enrique.

    And Spanish journalist Eduardo Inda claims Luis Enrique will set his sights on a stunning move for Barcelona striker Luis Suarez if he becomes Chelsea manager, with increasing rumour that Antonio Conte will be relieved of his job at the end of the season.

    Luis Enrique will target the former Liverpool striker and make him his priority signing if he becomes Chelsea manager. Enrique thinks the inclusion of Suarez in the Chelsea squad will help struggling Alvaro Morata. Enrique believe Suarez would be able to lift players around him, getting that extra five, 10 per cent and also provide the energy and aggression to aid Morata in attack.

    Local pundit Eduardo Inda, speaking on El Chiringuito, believes Enrique already has a Blues deal wrapped up. He said: "Luis Enrique will go to Chelsea. The great goal of Luis Enrique if he signs for Chelsea would be to sign Luis Suarez."

    According to reports, A 30 minutes meeting was held at Cobham yesterday with Abramovich, Conte, Aziplicueta, Tanko, Cahill and some few staffs in attendance. 75% supports vote for Conte to stay and 15% vote to be sacked.

    Ray Wilkins believes the players have already given up on Conte who just last year guided them to the Premier League title in his first season in English football. Club owner Roman Abramovich backed Conte to continue his job and he added that he won't the make the mistake of sacking coaches just to please the players and if the player don't want to perform because he want a coach to be sacked then that player will go.

    The Club believes that as long as Conte is on course to achieve a top four finish and remains in the Champions League, there is no reason to panic and remove him. Conte is on £9m a year contract which will run in 18 months also he has expressed his desire to stay at the club.

    As revealed by The Mirror Chelsea boss Antonio Conte does not intend to step aside at Stamford Bridge and Abramovich has no plans to sack him for now. Of course Luis Enrique who is tipped to take over from Conte reveals that he's not interested in taking a mid season job.

    The question is why will Chelsea sack Conte only to sign Enrique who had an inconsistent time at Barcelona? Enrique, left the Nou Camp last summer when his contract expired. Enrique, who has also previously managed both Celta Vigo and Roma cannot be regarded as a success except at Barcelona.

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    He was success at Barcelona because he grew up in the Barcelona system, understood the system in and out and he flowed into it. He was at Roma and Celta Vigo but he didn't perform well how well will be succeed at Chelsea?

    Is he starting on a wrong foot? Recruiting 31 year-old Luis Suarez who is considered to have gone past his best who signal the beginning of failure for him. Conte's biggest mistake was getting rid of Diego Costa and Luis Enrique's mistake could be bringing Luis Suarez.

    What do you think? Is Luis Enrique the best coach to replace Antonio Conte and will Luis Suarez give Chelsea attack the spark lacking upfront? Have a say, drop your comments below
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  2. Aloys

    Aloys New Member

    For me conte should not be replace , bringing another coach is not the solution conte is a good coach already last year he took the league cup and it is normal he can not do it again this year alot of presssure let them give hime one year again to see his performance before thinking of bringing in a new coach.
    For luis enrique is a good coach but not the good man to replace conte at chelsea he will face more challanges
    Bringing suarez to chelsea is a good idea because suarez is a power striker he is also use to the league and that will help him adapt fast
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  3. Some Chelsea fans are totally in support of Conte. A Chelsea fan said.
    I don’t want Carlo Ancelotti
    I don’t want Diego Simeone
    I don’t want Thomas tuchel
    I don’t want Zidane
    I don’t want Unai emery
    When we needed help no one helped us, one man steped up he put his job on the line try everything he
    can, worked hard on pitch and outside the pitch, regenerate
    the team, build hunger and confidence wins the title.
    Now risks his job again for some fools ruins the club..
    he saved us. He gave what the fan need the most.
    He challenged in every competition
    He committed his passion, enthusiasm and gave everything for the club.
    As fan my message to Roman
    The board makes too much mistakes. Overhaul the board and give Conte a say in the transfer dealing
    And give him a huge contract
    In conte we trust.
    The one and only godfather of chelseanbetter than judas
    Antonio Antonio Antonio Antonio
  4. realsporting

    realsporting Administrator Staff Member

    You think bringing 31 year-old Luis Suarez to a very competitive EPL will help Chelsea? Hell no. He has lost his power, strength, pace all he needs to do is play one more season in Spain and them move to a less competitive league not England.
  5. realsporting

    realsporting Administrator Staff Member

    Antonio Conte came in at the lowest moment in Chelsea's history and without spending much, he took the straight back to the top. One bad season (in which they are still in the top 4, Fa Cup and CL) and the fans have turned on him. Plastic fans everywhere. The same way they have turned on Conte was the same thing they did to Mourinho, Villas-Boas, Scolari, Ancelotti and the same way they will turn on Luis Enrique.
  6. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    To all ungrateful chelsea fans... I'm not a fan of conte's tactics....oh but I don't want him out, I still feel he is the best manager available to us. I rate him well above luis Enrique, and Thomas Tuchel.

    For all conte haters I've got bad news for you all, Conte won't be sacked, and I see you singing his praise again by the time Conte is done outclassing Barca because I'm sure he is gonna do it. I don't like his tactics but I believe him.
  7. realsporting

    realsporting Administrator Staff Member

    Despite all the defeat Chelsea have suffered lately. Have you seen this?
    Win rate for Top 6 Premier League managers:
    70.3% - Antonio Conte
    70.3% - Pep Guardiola
    61.8% - Jose Mourinho
    57.4% - Arsene Wenger
    54.8% - Mauricio Pochettino
    51.5% - Jurgen Klopp.
    Conte his good, I think his problem is Man management.
  8. Can Luis Suarez play at Chelsea, will Barça let him go? How much is he worth? Can he survive the onslaught of the Premier League? This and many more are questions to be answered.

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