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Arsenal players and coach getting away with murder. A Gunner hang himself after Arsenal loss.

Discussion in 'English league' started by Real Tosin, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Real Tosin

    Real Tosin Member

    After the 2009 Champions League semi final match between Chelsea and Barcelona at the Stamford Bridge which ended 1-1 and ended Chelsea's hope of making the Champions League final for the second consecutive time and face Manchester United, the team they lost the title to the previous season, I gave up on football.

    I does not mean I lost my passion for football, I still had the passion but I don't get pained like I use to, that match was the turning point in my life. I can still comfortably laugh and smile joke even if my beloved club suffers humiliating defeat. Football to me became football. I learnt to handle my emotions better. It becomes what happens in Russia stays in Russia.

    Arsenal have been lacklustre this season, that of course is an understatement. The Gunners lost 2-1 at Brighton, following the pair of 3-0 trashing by Manchester City in the League Cup final and Premier League. Former Gunners keeper David Seaman reacting to that claimed some of the club's current players are getting away with murder because he believes that the players are doing nowhere near what they should be doing and that they are getting worse and worse.

    During an interview with BBC Sport, “The way they didn’t turn up in the final was disappointing, from what I saw last Sunday at the League Cup final, I couldn’t believe that it was an Arsenal side playing.

    “We know that sometimes when you go out on to the pitch things don’t go right but at least you can show willing and I’m afraid a few of the players didn’t look like that. The players are getting away with murder."

    Arsenal players getting away with murder, what about Arsene Wenger has he not committed more homicide than the players? Seriously if we are to look at it from the murder and homicide point of view, Arsene Wenger should have face the gas chamber of or he should have been given the lethal injection.

    Honestly I'm not impressed with what Seaman said, Wenger is responsible for all the errors and should take all the blame. He has lost it, he can't motivate the team any longer. Arsenal fans are beginning to stay away from match venue. If Wenger has lost it, then we can say the board are also partner in crime.

    At the height of when the fans wanted him out, the board went ahead and gave him another two years contract, (the first of the two year ends this season meaning we will have to face the horror of Wenger being in charge of Arsenal for another season) probably because qualified for Champions League 18 consecutive time and made them a lot of money.

    But now they are in the Europa League which they themselves have derided Tottenham, chelsea and Manchester United in the past and next season it appears so. Probably when Arsenal start losing revenue they will decide to let go of Arsene Wenger. With no equivocation he's lost his mojo.

    Arsenal are sixth in the league, 13 points off fourth and a Champions League spot, although they would qualify by winning the Europa League. But considering the clubs currently in the Europa League, it definitely won't be a stroll in the park for the Gunners, and Arsenal's chances of making the Champions League might be off in the wind.

    Considering the height in which he's coming from someone who won the Premier league unbeaten, someone who had the best player, you can imagine him now tutoring m a ragtag Arsenal, who lost to Brighton for the first time in 32 years and keeps breaking all manner of negative records. Wenger is no longer the manager a big side like Arsenal deserve.

    Back to the Murder issues after the lose to Brighton, an Arsenal fans in one of the African countries hung himself and I was stunned beyond comprehension. Not sure if Seaman comment came before the act or after but I'm sure that's a shame and an act of cowardice.

    No one is saying we should not grief when our beloved team suffers embarrassing defeats, we should learn to manage the defeat. Our friend that hung himself wasn't alive to witness Arsenal 2-0 win at the San Siro, Arsenal 3-0 trashing of Watford, Cech saying a spot kick and making 200 clean sheet in the EPL.

    What do you think is the solution to Arsenal poor performance and how should fans handle defeat? Have anything to say? Drop your comments and suggestions below.
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