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Asiwaju suicide: Effect of social media bullying on victim

Discussion in 'News and current affairs' started by realsporting, Jan 19, 2019.

  1. realsporting

    realsporting Administrator Staff Member

    Asiwaju killed himself following several rape allegations against him. Many twitter users engaged him, called him out & used him as banter in their tweets. He was found dead in a hotel room after apparently ingesting a poisonous substance.

    Asiwaju killed himself. Quite a sad sad day it seems. Until I saw it in the Punch Newspapers myself I felt this was all bants and the usual Twitter shenanigans. He apparently took an insecticide and ended his life. Anyway the news is here

    Asiwaju: i wud kill myself TwitterNG • Do giveaway nah • Release all the nudes on your

    But before we all go into faux sympathy and fake caring mode, let’s remember we were the same people who asked him to drop his iPhone charger and kill himself after. • Give me ur iPhone charger b4 u die *Asiwaju commits suicide* TwitterNG • Suicide isn't d answer • My DM is opened if ur depressed

    Asiwaju's case will serve as a lesson to y'all. Whatever you do, don't bring twitter people into it. They're toxic and are low-key murderers. They will jokingly send you to your grave

    According to The Punch Newspaper, Asiwaju committed suicide , Another case of cyber bullying , Even though he was guilty , No one deserves to be put at the edge to the point that the person considers taking his/her own life.

    After asiwaju trended first time, I had a conversation with
    about how people don’t realize twitter bants affect people in real life. Everybody tryna be a savage, you’re not a savage, you a sad piece of shit if you don’t realize mental health is a thing!

    Twitter NG is not a police station Twitter NG is not the court of law Twitter NG are not judges Twitter NG don’t have the final say. They are just a bunch of Jobless people looking for who to drag to death. Never take Twitter seriously especially Twitter NG. RIP Asiwaju

    What if Asiwaju truly wasn’t guilty as accused of rape? What if all he needed was help & not mockery? TwitterNG, looks like we failed!

    Now that the death of
    has been confirmed maybe you all that pushed him into taking his life are happy now. Accusing a man of rape without evidence, with some even pressuring him to commit the suicide just know complicit in the man's death. Asiwaju

    After all the insults and rape allegations on the ASIWAJU dude, men still dropped account number when he did giveaway few days ago. The people on here can be bought easily with anything . Lol Same peeps would say shit about politicians when we are lowkey corrupt

    The thing with Twitter here in Nigeria is a lot of hypocrites are here finding most clout and quick to shoot people when their own guard is down. Till tomorrow there is no proof of rape that holds asiwaju guilty. No court will take chats as liable evidence. Except TWITTER COURT.

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