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Bakayoko keen on a permanent move to AC Milan

Discussion in 'Italian League' started by sport maestro, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    AC Milan midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko has reaffirmed hopes of leaving

    The 24-year-old ex- Monaco midfielder has finally rediscovered his form and has won over the fans after a rocky start to his loan spell from Chelsea.

    He said: “Things are going well for the club and I right now.
    “There wasn't a turning point. I just wanted to show that I was good enough for a big club. Milan are on a different planet.

    “I was greeted by Maldini and Leonardo on my first day and and you immediately realise who you're dealing with.

    “Then you have the atmosphere at San Siro, which is extraordinary. Milan are a legendary club. Who wouldn't like to stay at a club like Milan for a long time?

    “Having said that, I'm still under contract with Chelsea for the next three years. I don't have all the cards.

    “Gattuso's someone who gives everything to his players and transmits many good things.

    “He's like how he was as a player: direct, frank, straight to the point. He doesn't cheat and doesn't mince his words.

    “Even though he can be tough, he always tells you things for your own good. Life is good in Milan. I've already changed my entire wardrobe.

    “The weather is similar to the south of France and we eat well here. It's an ideal place to live."

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