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Chelsea fans should stop distracting their coach with sack threat

Discussion in 'English league' started by Real Tosin, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Real Tosin

    Real Tosin Member

    Even before the start of the season, there's been speculation that Chelsea boss Antonio Conte could be fired before the season. During the summer transfer window, Antonio Conte was in constant row with Chelsea's board over the transfer of players which drew conclusions that if he continues to openly criticize the board, he might be asked to go.

    After lifting the EPL title, Conte saw the urgent need for strengthening the squad because he feel that the squad is relatively small. But the club seem not to be agreement with his demands. The Italian boss is not the type of coach that goes quietly when the transfer policy seem to be working against him.

    Conte has had a number of public run-ins with the board and has publicly criticised the club’s transfer activity. Football pundit admits it’s not great for the club when their manager keeps coming out and speaking against the board. It will ire the board and they might just show him the exit door. That was when the sack rumour began.

    Chelsea recorded their 17th Premier League win of the season after defeating Crystal Palace 2-1 and are set to face Barcelona in the second leg Champions League round of 16.

    Chelsea legend Frank Lampard who wasn't particularly impressed with the performance believes they've been held back this season due to constant sack talk surrounding manager Antonio Conte and I'm strongly in support of this. The Italian has come out to defend himself a couple of times insisting his job is not under threat, defending his job when he should be defending the EPL title.

    After victory over Crystal Palace, Lampard spoke on the rumours surrounding Conte's future and the feeling around Stamford Bridge in general.
    “The worrying thing is is this negative talk around the club, it started very early about the manager and recruitment. They haven't gone forward from where they were last year and other clubs have."

    The defending champions are currently struggling to defend the title they won last season and are sitted fifth in the table and also face the risk of missing out of Champions League football next season. This is because the club did not strengthen properly at the beginning of the season which made Conte call out over the lack of spending.

    I wonder why Chelsea fans not particularly the ones at the Stamford Bridge but the ones on the social media would call for Conte sack less than a season after lifting the Premier League. Probably because they have always recorded recovery anytime they sack their coach and get a new manage.

    According to Alan Shearer. "Perhaps that is what the modern player needs. Because there's no loyalty anymore to badge or manager. It has become a very selfish industry in that way. Too many are out for themselves rather than the collective good of the club. So the continuing need for change, a new voice, a new start, seems to be the answer for many clubs."

    The Blues manager is under intense pressure after a poor start to 2018, with speculation he will be sacked anytime soon. It's been an incredible turn of events for Conte who led Chelsea to the Premier League title just last season.

    Just last season, Conte led Chelsea on a record-equalling 13 Premier League match winning run after taking a club with injured, unmotivated player who needed a change of mentality. Conte won the League without much inclusion in terms of players save for one two players.

    But after a couple of few result, the manager started getting fillers that he could be said anytime soon because club owner Roman Abramovic is not known for respecting coaches, you only earn his respect as a coach if you keep winning.

    This act alone has not only affected Conte, it has also affect the players, players who don't want Conte in the team will keep playing below their capacity hoping the big hammer will land on the coach what if the the club decides delay sacking the coach? The Club suffers for it most especially the fans who distracted the coach with the sack rumour.

    It's high time Chelsea fans started supporting their coach either in the good or bad time, that alone is enough to turn the table around. What do you think? Have a say, drop your comments below.
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  2. If Chelsea fans only know how much evil they do themselves when they go about calling for the sacking of the coach? They'll never indulge in it again. How will a coach concentrate when you weary him down with sack chant?

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