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Chelsea players responsible for Club's abysmal results: Gary Cahill

Discussion in 'English league' started by sport maestro, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    Chelsea slummed to a second successive defeat. The first was a 3-0 defeat to Bournemouth and the second was a 4-1 trashing at the Vicarage Road which put immense pressure on club manager Antonio Conte and club captain Gary Cahill claims the players are to blame for their poor form not coach Antonio Conte.
    Conte's job has come under real threat after a woeful 4-1 defeat at Watford. The humiliating 4-1 loss to the Hornets has intensified claims that Conte will leave the club, Cahill claims the players have needed to look in the mirror and take responsibility for their “abysmal” Premier League displays in recent weeks.

    The defending champions have endured a turbulent period they are placed fourth on the league table and are only one point above Tottenham and also 19 points behind run away leaders Manchester City. Losing 4-1 at Watford on Monday, five days after a 3-0 home defeat by Bournemouth.

    Chelsea have several important fixtures on the horizon. The question is how will Chelsea survive this February? They will face West Bromwich Albion on Monday as they hope to avoid three consecutive defeat before taking on Hull City in the fifth round of the FA Cup. They'll have to play Barcelona and in between that, they'll play the two Manchester clubs and then Barcelona again and this might just be the end of the road for them. To survive this, the Blues must revive their form soon.

    Club captain, Gary Cahill, spoke with the Evening Standard regarding our current situation.
    “Whatever is decided, the players have to take responsibility. The manager has done an absolutely unbelievable job. This is the worst I’ve felt for quite a while. Performance-wise, I didn’t recognise us or myself. It was abysmal.

    “We just need to keep strong. I’ve been here before at this club – it’s about staying calm. It hurts a lot when you come off after a performance like that.”

    Speaking after the embarrassment at Vicarage Road Chelsea defender Cesar Azpilicueta believes the team have lost focus but they must focus on finishing in the top four and end the season by winning a cup competition.

    As revealed by The Reuters: "Obviously it is a massive setback for us. Against Bournemouth we conceded three goals in 15 minutes. In periods like that when we are bad, we need to try to manage it, to try to pass the time in the best way possible and then try to get the win from a corner, free kick, you never know.

    "Against Watford, the first half performance was not the kind we have to do. We did the most difficult thing and that is to come back to make it 1-1 but in the last 10 minutes we conceded three goals.

    “We are Chelsea and are a big club. Even when we lose just one game, it's a bad time for us. To lose two in a row is even worse."

    Yes they are Chelsea and they can do better Abramovich backed Conte to continue his job and added that he won't make past mistakes again by sacking coaches and added if the player don't want to perform because they want the coach to be sacked then that player will go.

    If Conte and the player come to a round table, that might just throw in a lifeline for Chelsea as they plan to salvage their season. What do you think? Have a say, drop your comments below.
  2. Real Tosin

    Real Tosin Member

    Oxford English Dictionary have added two new term
    Bakayoko and Morata
    Bakayoko means something unusually big reckless and clueless.
    For example
    (1) Mourinho's decision to bring in Fellaini in place of Pogba at Wembly turned out to be a Bakayoko one, after the Belgian was substituted in few minutes later
    (2) Conte is now totally bakayoko about how to run things at Stamford bridge

    Morata means miss
    For example
    (1) Mohamad Salah and Sanchez doesn't want to morata their chances when given
    (2) My girlfriend is going to London , I will Morata her so much
  3. See Chelsea record since 1st Jan. 2018:
    2-2 vs Arsenal
    0-0 vs Norwich
    0-0 vs Arsenal
    0-0 vs Leicester
    1-1 vs Norwich(excl. penalty)
    4-0 vs Brighton
    1-2 vs Arsenal
    3-0 vs Newcastle
    0-3 vs Bournemouth
    1-4 vs Watford
    2 wins from 10 games.....
  4. As I have always said Chelsea midfield is a waste and Watford players were just walking through like pedestrians in a public road Watford proved that they wanted all three points and they got it. Until the players put the club and fans first, they always get beaten.
  5. This is amazing and sad at the same time. Only one Chelsea player in the top 50 PL POWER RANKING, but he's at the very top & he is one and only EDEN HAZARD.
    Where are the other players? Fabregas Kante, Azplicueta, Courtois and the other players? The players need rude reawakening.
  6. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    Chelsea record book. Chelsea 4-1 defeat to Watford was the first time in 22 years Chelsea has been defeated 1-4 in the Epl since Man United did it in 21st October, 1995.
    Chelsea is on a falling spree
  7. Real Tosin

    Real Tosin Member

    Madrid is struggling and the whole world is sympathizing with them
    Liverpool is trophyless in all competitions for 12yrs and has never won EPL over 25yrs but the whole world sympathize with them.
    When Chelsea lose, the whole world jubilate
    Wow.....Chelsea Vs The World Indeed.

  8. There is a lady who asked me if LIVERPOOL is a series, I asked WHY, & she told me that, nowadays ALL LIVERPOOL fans usually wait for the NEXT SEASON..:D
  9. Because of valentine's day Gifts, some girls are even apologizing for what they Didn't do wrong.
    They Be Like ''sweety, "honey" I'm Sorry For what Watford did to Chelsea!
  10. Real Tosin

    Real Tosin Member

    Last season Chelsea won the EPL and now Man-city is leading them with 19 points and they are 4th on the table. Real Madrid won the La liga and now Barcelona is leading them with 19points and they are 4th on the table.

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