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Copa America 2019

Discussion in 'South America football/Copa America' started by Real Tosin, May 13, 2019.

  1. Real Tosin

    Real Tosin Active Member

    The 46th edition of the Copa America will take place this year as South America's best teams fight it out for the continental crown.

    Heavyweights of world football such as Argentina and Brazil will lock horns, as well as the tournament's most successful team,

    With some of the best players in the world on display, including Neymar and potentially Lionel Messi , it boasts a unique allure, with the continent's Joga Bonito philosophy strongly imbued.

    The 2019 Copa America is set to get under way on June 14 and it will run for three weeks until the final on July 7.

    Group games will finish on June 24 and there will be a three-day break before knockout fixtures are played from June 27.


    Group A

    1. Brazil
    2. Bolivia
    3. Venezuela
    4. Peru

    Group B
    1. Argentina
    2. Colombia
    3. Paraguay
    4. Qatar

    Group C:
    1. Uruguay
    2. Ecuador
    3. Japan
    4. Chile

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