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Football greats insists Messi is the best and greatest of all time

Discussion in 'Spanish League' started by sport maestro, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    Diego Simeone and his Atletico Madrid players went to the Nou Camp with the sole aim of getting all three points knowing that short of that could hamper their chances of lifting the coveted La Liga title. They gave their best but one moment of brilliance from Lionel Messi was all Barcelona need to secure all three points and brightened their chances of lifting the La Liga title.
    Both Diego Simeone and his Barcelona managerial counterpart, Ernesto Valverde, praise Lionel Messi star quality following Barcelona's 1-0 win on Sunday afternoon. Simeone claimed that Lionel Messi brilliance made the difference for Barcelona in Sunday's 1-0 defeat.

    Lionel Messi scored a wonderful free-kick in the first half which proved to be the difference between the two teams and moved them eight points clear of Atletico Madrid on the top of the table and Simeone admitting the difficulties of repeating Atletico Madrid's "impossible" title win of 2013-14

    Simeone explained in his post-match press conference. "If we take Messi and put him in an Atletico shirt, we win this match 1-0, Messi is a special player, he made the difference.

    "We have no doubt that we can get closer to our objectives. What we can't do is distance ourselves from the numerical reality that Barcelona and Real Madrid have been dominating for 14 years, we did the impossible [in winning the 2013/14 title] and it's hard to repeat that."

    It was an eagerly anticipated match, a win for the Ros Blancos would have cut Barcelona lead to just two points but the game it lacked the usual spark of a heavyweight clash there were few opportunities in the game, but Simeone believes it was a very even encounter.

    "It was an even match, I don't think we lacked application in the first half, however, we didn't see our best until the second half. The game is 90 minutes and there's always stages when you don't play well. There were very few chances in the game and while we didn't attack in the first half, in the second we were closer to being the team we truly are."

    Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde also applauded Lionel Messi, claiming the title race is still alive with 11 games left to play.
    "There is no player like Messi in the world," he said. "Obviously there are several matches left, but we have taken a step forward. We'll see what the future holds.
    "It was a very important game because being eight points ahead is not the same as two."

    Lionel Messi impressive record against Atletico Madrid
    With the stunning Free Kick against Atletico Madrid, Lionel Messi registered his 600th career goals 539 of those strikes have come for Barcelona, with a further 61 coming for Argentina in 747 total games.

    Atletico must be sick of the sight of him, although he only scored three goals in the last 8 games against Atletico Madrid. Atletico Madrid are Messi's second favorite opponent and his first-half free kick was his 28th goal against them 36 games, 3 were from free kicks and only 1 was a penalty goal.

    He has now scored in 19 different games against Atletico Madrid will with Barcelona winning 18 of them. 16 of those goals were at the Camp Nou. Only Sevilla has conceded more from the Argentinian (29 goals in 31 games).

    2008/09 1 free kick goal
    2009/10 2 free kick goal
    2010/11 1 free kick goal
    2011/12 3 free kick goal
    2011/13 4 free kick goal
    2013/14 3 free kick goal
    2014/15 2 free kick goal
    2015/16 7 free kick goal
    2016/17 4 free kick goal
    2017/18 6 free kick goal
    Making a total of 33 free kick goals

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    Lionel Messi’s Last 3 games for Barcelona:
    Against Atletico Madrid-
    Scores a free-kick
    Against Las Palmas- Scores a free-kick
    Against Girona- Scores a free-kick

    Lionel Messi leads the race for the 2017/18 European Golden Shoe continues
    48 - Messi
    48 - Salah
    48 - Kane
    48 - Cavani
    46 - Immobile
    45 - Jonas
    42 - Agüero
    40 - Suárez
    40 - Lewandowski

    After 27 rounds, Messi leads La Liga in
    Passes before the assist
    Shots on goal
    Completed dribbles
    Chances created.

    Lionel Messi this season is on fire
    Messi scored against Chelsea for The first time in his career
    Messi scored against Juventus for The first time in his career
    Messi and Barcelona breaking the Anoeta curse.
    Messi scored against Las Palmas away for The first time in his career.
    Messi scored 3 freekicks Goals In 3 consecutive Games for the first time in his career.
    Messi scored against Girona Making him the player who has scored against 36 teams In LA LIGA.
    Messi and Barcelona breaking Pep Guardiola Record.
    Messi broke Gerd Muller record for becoming The first player to score 366 Goals for a single club.
    Messi became the player with most assists In LA LIGA history.

    Gary Lineker wrote on his twitter account.
    Messi scored his 600th goal to beat Atletico and surely clinch La Liga for Barcelona If he were just a goal scorer it would be astonishing, but the fact he’s also the best dribbler I’ve ever seen and as good a passer as I’ve ever seen makes him the best I’ve ever seen.

    What do you think? Have a say, drop your comments below
  2. Messi is too good to be compared with any other football, he's beyond words, they say he was poor at scoring freekick, he decided to prove them wrong. Not only did he prove them wrong, he made a fool of them. Messi the GOAT
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  3. Messi is just too amazing, indeed he was the difference, I just repeat what Gary Lineker said. If Messi were just a goal scorer he'll still be the best. Considering the fact that he scores dribbles, assist, makes some unbelievable passes makes him better than the GOAT.
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  4. Aloys

    Aloys New Member

    Messi is very a very player, he can change the game at any time, that makes him diffferent from other players. When it comes to free kick its like a penalty to him very accurate. I am not his fan anyway i do appreciate him
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  5. realsporting

    realsporting Administrator Staff Member

    You must be a Ronaldo fans isn't it? First time I'll be seeing a Ronaldo fan applauding Messi. That's impressive
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  6. Aloys

    Aloys New Member

    I am simply giving him respect , because moments i don't expect he surprises me .
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  7. mamoud

    mamoud New Member

    E de make me laugh for ma first time but i mean de know d truth but never want to recognize it:D
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  8. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    I'm telling you, Messi is one of a kind.
    He's unique and a maestro. In fact he's football personified
    . It's a huge privilege to watch play.
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  9. mamoud

    mamoud New Member

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  10. mamoud

    mamoud New Member

    Morning today am with *you'll never walk alone*

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