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Hi! I will like to meet you

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Arsenal boy, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Arsenal boy

    Arsenal boy New Member

    I am Opeyemi, a sport enthusiast, and a dyed in the wool Arsenal fan. Talking sport is fun to me. I will like to meet you too. Let's it keep rolling!
  2. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    I'm Sport maestro. People call me the sport lady in the house, but I call myself the queen pundit. I sure we will all have a nice time on the forum. Kindly follow me for detailed sport analysis
  3. I see Queen Pundit, nyc meeting u here too
  4. Arseneify

    Arseneify New Member

    I am Ifeoluwa. I like to think I'm a football enthusiast and intellect. I like to discuss football and also write about it. Coined the online identity 'arseneify' because of my effusive attraction & admiration of Arsene Wenger and his life's work. I look forward to sharing quality time with everyone here. In the name of the beautiful game.
  5. Surprised I must say. Do we have Wenger addict? Sorry for using the word addict, am just surprise there are people from this side of the world that LOVE Wenger.
  6. mamoud

    mamoud New Member

    Me already
  7. Arseneify

    Arseneify New Member

    There are some of us who don't believe or let our emotions towardd the man be dictated by the nonsense spouted by the British media. We also put results, failures and achievements in perspective.
    Arsene does have his faults, yes, but not enough to deserve the skullduggery and disrespect thrown at him. Not even close. I stand with him unashamedly.
  8. mamoud

    mamoud New Member

    OK i day no problem
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  9. Real Tosin

    Real Tosin Active Member

    Hi everyone, Am Real Tosin, a sport fan, Entrepreneur, Enthusiast, writer and Analyst. I wanna meet you and keep you as a friend. Follow me and I'll follow you in return. Thanks a lot
  10. mamoud

    mamoud New Member

    Queen pliz who is Real Tosin?
  11. Aboagye francis

    Aboagye francis New Member

    * I am happy to be on this platform*
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  12. You are welcome Bro
  13. Taiwo

    Taiwo New Member

    Am happy to b amidst the sports family.
  14. Asiramu Ashley

    Asiramu Ashley New Member

    its okay
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