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Is Coutinho good buy and how well will Coutinho gel with Messi up front?

Discussion in 'Spanish League' started by Real Tosin, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Real Tosin

    Real Tosin Member

    Philippe Coutinho signed a five-and-a-half year deal at Barcelona after the Catalan club agreed £160million for his services. Barcelona will pay €120m as a guaranteed base fee, with another €40m in performance and appearance-related add-ons that are expected to be triggered.

    The Brazilian finalised the £142m transfer on Monday, but might not make his debut for another three months because of a thigh strain. Coutinho becomes the 33rd Brazilian to join Barca... from Ronaldo to Ronaldinho via Rochemback and a player called Dinamite

    Reaction has trailed the transfer to Barcelona. Let have a look at various reaction that accompanied his move to Barcelona.
    Valverde: "Coutinho will give us many things, As well as with the goal and assists, he will help us a lot in the construction of the game. Hopefully Coutinho will be able to adapt fast. He has a good relationship with Suárez and Paulinho who will help him a lot."

    Eden Hazard thinks Coutinho transfer is a bad business for the Premier League and admitted he was disappointed at seeing Coutinho leave England.
    "Coutinho joining Barcelona is bad news for the Premier League because he's one of the best players in the league, he's a fantastic player, I want him to be one of the best in the world and show [everyone] what he can do."

    Atletico Madrid Manager Simone thinks Coutinho signing already won Laliga for Barcelona.

    Rakitic, recently described the reported fee that Barca paid for Coutinho as "a bit high". But Vice-president Jordi Mestre said Liverpool had reduced their asking price and they got their man on the cheap in the January sales.

    My opinion on his transfer fee
    £145m is a lot of money for a January transfer and for someone who will not play Champions League football... Barcelona has been sized up, because of the transfer of Neymar. No body will sell to Barcelona without hike their price.

    But like the club said, it's a good deal. If Barcelona decide to wait till the end of the World Cup and Coutinho gets to perform fantastically well in the World Cup, his asking price will skyrocket. More also it's a win-win situation for Barcelona. The need for big endorsement might have facilitated the move. They need huge signings to get huge endorsement.

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    Coutinho at Barcelona: My opinion
    Although Liverpool seem to have learnt to play without him, Coutinho will be a big loss to Liverpool, he has scored more goals from outside the box than any other Premier League player. He has scored 19 long range goals 6 more than his closest challenger.

    Lionel Messi and Philipe Coutinho plays almost the same pattern of football, won't that be a huge issue at Barcelona? They both come in from deep into the attack, but Coutinho might be deployed in the position that Iniesta plays.

    Remember everything revolves around Messi in barca, he being a playmaker at Liverpool he might have to relinquish that role.
    Andy West said: "Tactically, Coutinho's biggest challenge will be learning how to combine effectively with Messi and help create space for the Argentine - around whom everything revolves - rather than getting in his way."

    If Messi Neymar and Suarez could gel together, then there's probably no problem for Coutinho playing with Messi, unless Coutinho wants to end up as another Ibrahimovic.
    What do you think? Have a say, drop your comments below
  2. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    Undisputedly, Coutinho will gel well with Messi, unless he wants to be another Zlatan Ibrahimovic and we all know what happened to Zlatan at Barcelona.
  3. I wonder why all this pundits are being too negative and skeptical. Is Coutinho coming to Barça to displace Messi, maybe later but not now. Messi and Coutinho will gel just fine.

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