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Issac success arrested for assault on sex worker

Discussion in 'General Africa related sport news' started by sport maestro, Oct 9, 2017.

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    He flops on the field of play and also on the bed, his name is Issac success are you sure he's truly "success?" well if he's not getting all the publicity he need on the pitch he's got it on the "bed of play" only that he failed to score in both scenarios.
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    Nigeria international Isaac Success was reportedly arrested by the UK police after an angry altercation with four sex workers who he accused of cheating him out of £2,000 in a Hertfordshire hotel.

    On of the sex workers Escort Alexis Domerge said success paid her and three other women £500 each to party with him at the luxury Sopwell House hotel, Hertfordshire and later accused them of cheating him out of his money. She added that the 21 years old angrily demanded his money back after he had downed two bottles of Baileys liqueur.

    "He accused us of ripping him off and asked for his money to be returned," she told The Sun
    'It was terrifying. He had paid four of us £500 each to party with him and we all got naked as soon as the money came through on our phone bank accounts.
    'He was drinking Baileys straight from the bottle.'
    A spokesman for Hertfordshire Police confirmed they are investigating an allegation of assault reported to have happened at 6.30am on September 11.

    30 years old Michaela Carter who is also one of the four sex workers, the massaged him for 90 minutes while he talked about his dexterity.

    She said, “ He had a nice body and all four of us massaged him for a full hour and a half as long as a football match and after ninety minutes we eventually told him that we couldn’t give him extra time.

    “He had been boasting to us all night about how much he earned and how much fun we were going to have.
    “But it’s fair to say that Mr Success did not live up to his name during our night together. He seemed really keen on Baileys swigging the stuff out of the bottle. It made me cringe because it’s so sickly sweet.

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    “He seemed a bit shy and awkward, probably because he's only 21. After a bit of a chat, Alexis took charge and said it was time to get down to business.”

    This is a very condemnable act by the Nigeria international. I don't know what Isaac Success was thinking... While others are in international duties, he just decided to sleep around; that's a very bad mistake he made that will surely dent his image!! Anyways, that's what too much money causes to the imprudent
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