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Lionel Messi Brother Charged With Illegal Possession of Gun, Damage And For Resisting Arrest.

Discussion in 'General sport discussion' started by Prince Adebayo, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. While his brother is doing himself a lot of good on the pitch of play, Lionel Messi's wayward brother Matias Messi has been accused of assaulting police who tried to arrest him after he allegedly threatened a driver he had crashed into with a gun.
    According to Telam Matias Messi was involved in a car collision in Buenos Aires and Argentinian holiday resort and threatened the other person involved with a firearm, a claim attributed to several witnesses. The driver Javier Rivera, had accused the footballer’s elder sibling of threatening him with a pistol after a confrontation following the crash.

    The 35 year old Matias Messi was arrested for the second time in just over three months after a car collision and a struggle with the police after they found two half-smoked cigarettes thought to be cannabis joints.

    Matias Messi and Javier Rivera both drivers involved in traffic accident had “black eye”-type injuries after allegedly “exchanging blows” and said Matias had pressed charges against the other motorist. Matias suffered a cut to his eyebrow and was taken to a police station, but released after four hours.

    Although he was arrested police were apparently unable to find any firearm in his car but did come across evidence that he had been smoking cannabis. The 35-year-old, flee the scene and being stopped by police but Matias Messi claimed he left the scene out of fear for his safety after being attacked first, but it's believed he fled the scene after taking the gun out of his car boot following a struggle.

    Matias has been charged to court. The state prosecutor are charging him of three things. One is threats aggravated by the use of a firearm together with light wounding, another is damage, and the third resisting the police. The Barcelona superstar elder brother was not seen with a gun in his possession, just two half-smoked cigarettes thought to be cannabis joints.

    A state prosecutor, whose normal jurisdiction covers the area the incident occurred in, was due to take over from duty prosecutor Mr Calderon today.
    Mr Calderon said: “The judge has to decide whether to validate this apprehension because technically he’s not arrested and after that he will go to an appropriate place if the judge decides he must remain in custody, although of course he can release him.

    It is not the first time Lionel Messi's brother is in the headlines for the wrong reasons – after a similar incident in October 2008, he was arrested for allegedly having a loaded gun attached to his belt. In April 2011, Matias was lucky to have escaped an assassination attempt after a gunman on a motorbike opened fire on his house.

    Matias Messi was accused of illegal possession of a weapon after police discovered an unlicensed .22 pistol in his Audi A5 during a stop in October 2015. Matias Messi reportedly fought with officers after they searched his Audi A5 during a routine stop close to the Messi family's native city of Rosario in Argentina.

    The officers claimed he acted in a hostile manner, he insulted and attacked them. Two policemen were hospitalised in the incident. Last August his Audi was left badly damaged after a collision with a lorry during bad weather, although he escaped with minor injuries.

    Last November, he suffered a boating accident on the Parana River and had to be towed away by a local fisherman as he became stranded on a sandbar. On December 1 last year, Matias sustained injuries including a broken jaw and serious facial wounds after hitting a sandbank and he was later arrested in the hospital after police and prosecutors saw a loaded Bersa 380 pistol was found during a police search.

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  2. Real Tosin

    Real Tosin Active Member

    The black sheep of the family always dragging the Messi family name in the mud.
    I'm sure Matias must have picked on Rodrigo who is Lionel elder brother, Lionel himself and their younger sister called Marisol. I wonder what he would have become if he does not have a celebrity brother.
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