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LMC implement strategies to curb troubles associated with increasing spectatorship.

Discussion in 'Nigeria League' started by Football cyborg, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world with at an estimated population of about 180 million citizen. Nigeria can boast of the fact that over 10% of her citizens are sport fans.

    Football of course is the most popular sport in Nigeria and it's known to evoke deep emotions and often makes Nigerians especially the male folks go gaga. Carlo Ancelotti even revealed that he knows about Nigerians' love for European football during a press conference.
    Fans of ABS fc celebrate their goal.jpg
    Almost all growing young man must have actively participate in the game at one time or the other, In Nigeria, the beautiful game isn't played only in stadium but also in school, on farmland, roads, beaches, markets,and every corner of the street in fact, football belongs everywhere.

    Nigeria has an established Premier League with 20 teams, but over the years, the Nigeria professional football league (NPFL) is not so popular among the football loving citizens, for lots of reasons which include the level of competitiveness, as lack of fidelity of match outcomes, poor quality of pitches and stadium, absence of adequate security, the list is endless.

    The League Management Company (LMC) have deviced and implemented strategies that have won back fans to match venues and Nigerians are beginning to generate interest in their indigenous league. Considering the population and the passion associated with the game, the stadia for the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) has witnessed a massive turn up of fans at matches and the League Management Company has shifted focus to ensuring strict compliance with safety measures at match venues.

    The NPFL has witnessed increase in the number of attendance in match venues, some stadia have recorded full capacity and some fans have not been able to gain access to the stands and are left to stay in the unshaded portion of the stadium which is close to the main bowl, it has facilitated some violence and crime. And of course it has showed possible breach of regulations in which more fans may have been admitted to the games than stadium capacity can allow.

    Because of the excitement and overzealousness of some fans, the impatience and arrogance of some football fanatics, the LMC has brought to the notice of the club's management the importance of implementing crowd control measures and safety of everyone at match venues on matchdays.

    Citing Rules B15.19 of the 2016/17 Framework and Rules, the LMC reminded all clubs that matchday tickets must be issued to all spectators to a match even if the gates were declared free. It's in harmony with FIFA requirements as ststed in FIFA Safety Regulations, Article 18.1 which states that: “On match days, only persons in possession of valid permits shall be granted entry to the stadium. Valid permits include Match tickets, Workers’ identity cards and Passes.”

    A memo signed by the LMC Chief Operating Officer, Salihu Abubakar explained that the measure was to ensure proper crowd control and for record purposes.

    "Some clubs have of recent been observed to have failed to implement adequate crowd control measures, the LMC insisted that all Clubs are required to comply with and implement health and safety measures to prevent overcrowding of stands or the stadium, or other situations which may endanger the lives or wellbeing of spectators.
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    "It also directed that clubs must put in place other safety requirements such as having trained stewards whose responsibility will include but not limited to monitoring the stands to ensure capacity of sectors assigned to them were not over crowded, directing fans to appropriate sitting areas and alerting authorities of risk situations."

    The League Management Company also stipulated that each club is expected to have a functioning public address systems which should be operated on matchdays for announcements.

    The passion of Nigerians for the game could make grieving fans take laws into their hands, when they feel cheated, suffer defeat and perceive lack of fidelity in the outcomes of matches. Over the years, match venues have witnessed lots of crowd troubles which alone is able to see the LMC effort to ignite the love of the indigenous league go up in flames.

    The LMC should not only send circular around noting clubs, the should implement this forcefully more also, their should be bot sacred cow among the flocks. What do you think of the LMC recently decree, can it be implemented? Have a say, drop your comments below.
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  2. realsporting

    realsporting Administrator Staff Member

    As we began this new NPFL season, if the clubs can adhere strictly to all the rules, the league will end a success
  3. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    I don't think we have witnessed enough spectatorship in the Nigeria football league. Our stadium are still deserted and our league not followed. We should create more awareness and bring more fans. And in situations where we have small stadia, let the stadia be expanded.

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