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LMC urged to curb poor officiating that has bewildered NPFL

Discussion in 'Nigeria League' started by Real Tosin, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Real Tosin

    Real Tosin Member

    No league in the world can improve when there is poor officiating, not only will it affect the quality of the league, it will also create hatred, animosity, crowd uproar which either my imperceptibly cool off the interest of fans or might even create an abrupt loss of interest in the league.

    The Nigeria professional football League has been bedeviled by this evil menace called poor officiating and if something is not done in earnest to salvage the situation, it might result to the total damnation of the league. Undoubtedly, poor officiating has been the cog in the wheel of the NPFL progress.

    Chief Ken Ani, which happens to be one of the greatest fan of the Nigeria professional football League has urged league organisers the League Management Company (LMC) to input measures that will improve credibility and acceptability of the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) through fair officiating of matches.

    While speaking to the media on Enugu, Ani identified that the level of growth and development of our indigenous league is slow and the League has the potential to grow and gain local and international recognition capable of attracting sponsorship and quality players if the right pegs are placed in the right hole.

    The super fan, who had contributed immensely to the growth and development of football clubs in Enugu State, however, appreciated efforts put in place by the LMC to sanitize the league so far this season but added “more is still needed to be done performances’’.

    And of course, quite a number of referees were sanctioned for poor performance and the League Management Company are expected to do more by scrutinizing match Officials, officials with questionable reputation should not be saddled with match officiating they should impose stiffer punishment on erring ones.

    Ani charged the LMC and the referees’ appointment committee to go a step further in strict monitoring of some of the league centers during matches. According to him, this is to ensure the avoidance of some ugly incidences and unfair officiating by some match officials during matches.
    "This will further bring credibility and acceptability of Nigeria’s Premier League in the comity of nations."

    Further more, match officials should give a detailed report of their performance in football matches and the clubs involved in matches should also channel their grievances to the League Management Company who will investigate the matter and pass appropriate sanctions on erring officials by either dropping them to lower leagues and/or rested for the remaining games of the season or award a life ban if need be.

    Ani suggested that the DSTV sports channel, Super Sports, should be made to cover more of the matches live.

    “More live coverage will give league matches comprehensive leverage for Nigeria football fans and international fans of the NPFL to enjoy."

    Improving the level of officiating is paramount and LMC should punish match officials who put to display performance adjudged not to be good enough. The League body must also ensure strict compliance even if it means having just a few quality referees.

    What do you think? Have a say, drop your comments below
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  2. realsporting

    realsporting Administrator Staff Member

    The incoming season can signal the beginning of a turn around for the NPFL if the level of poor officiating can be reduce. Home fans are like not to take laws into their hands if they lose a home match honourably.
  3. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    One thing that has destroyed they Nigeria professional Football League. Is poor officiating. And the all home team must win syndrome. If we can curb this two challenges, we will witness an unprecedented success.

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