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Major problems facing NPFL growth

Discussion in 'Nigeria League' started by Real Tosin, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. Real Tosin

    Real Tosin Member

    A lots of factors are the bane of football development in Nigeria. But let's take a quick look at some of the challenges imperceptibly killing the NPFL.

    Poor officiating.
    No league in the world can improve when there is poor officiating.
    The issue of awarding penalty against the away teams calls for concern. Take for instance, last season, there was hardly a game Kastina United played at home without playing a penalty. Against Sunshine Stars they had two penalty kicks, against Remo stars they had three penalty kicks Hardly can we get a club in the World with more penalty kicks at home than Kastina United.

    Against Kastina United if you are lucky, you concede just one penalty kick if not, you concede as many as possible but hardly do you get to score a spot kick against them. If we have a club with such a profile, The question is what is LMC doing about it? What have they done about questionable calls made by match officials, are they censuring the referees? What are the profiles of our referees.

    We need LMC to look into the matter, why should Kastina United get so much penalties. Without any prejudice to northern teams, the northern NPFL matches are not that cover so, anything goes. Gombe United in 2015 won 18 of all their 19 home games but lost all their away match that same season and they ended on the 7th spot. Imagine they had made the continental spot, that's why we get beaten black and blue on the continent because of some of the shady things we do in our league.

    LMC needs to clamp down on referees who awards controversial spot kicks, Journalist also need to profile the referee, do a lot of publicity ( a lot of calling it as it is) by the men of the press so we can stamp this things from our league.

    Football hooliganism
    Some serious measure needs to be taken concerning football hooliganism in Nigeria if we are to take our children and ladies to the stadium to watch matches.

    Football hooliganism is dying in Europe, take for instance Liverpool fans use to be the most violent fans in England, but we hardly hear anything about Liverpool fans causing trouble of recent. Liverpool fans should have taken laws into their hands after the referee made some questionable call against Tottenham.

    In Nigeria we get violent at the slightest provocation. Unlike what we are experiencing in Europe football hooliganism has been on the rise. Referees don't get verbally abused in Europe when they do, the FA clamp down on the culprit, players even get punished for dissent. Ronaldo shoved a referee and he got a five game ban. But in Nigeria we attack the referee, journalist including home Journalist and every other person that stands in their way.

    The match between Kastina United and Kano pillar, Nasarawa United and Plateau United witnessed crowd trouble, referee assault and fan encroachment same was also recorded in Sunshine Stars goalesss draw against Kano Pillars. The Akure Township Stadium home of Sunshine Stars, has been a troubled spot in recent seasons and LMC needs to find a lasting solution to the lingering crisis at the stadium.

    Our security agents are not helping.
    The police are one of the major problem of hooliganism in football. In most cases, the security personnel on ground are mostly not trained specifically to deal with crowd violence during sporting events. On the opening day of the 2017/18 NPFL season, 16 canister of tear gas was fired to curb angry fans after Kastina United were awarded controversial spot kicks. the police fired tear gas which was not necessary.

    A Journalist with a Radio station in Kano claimed he was hit by the tear gas canister and he passed out. He could have died you can imagine that? The police display too much of brute, too much of force.

    In other climes, they want they match to be family friendly. A place you can bring your kids and they don't to learn vices. In fact the players hold kids while walking into the pitch. The more family friendly football games are, the more revenue the FA makes. There's obviously no reason at all to assault to a referee, fans have no reason at all to go gaga.

    Football administrator needs to work on players and fans mentality, the home must win syndrome should be stamped out, desperation should be killed, referees should go into the pitch fully assured of his safety. Fans should know they can't get away when they take laws into their hands.

    Lack of proper structure.
    Lack of facilities, cup matches, awards and the pre-season tour will only bring down the reputation of the league. LMC needs to work on players’ welfare, endorsements, and good salary structure. Nigerians go to countries like South Africa, Angola, Egypt, Morocco, and Sudan because their leagues have these structures in place. There should be an order enforcing clubs to honour the contracts of their players. Players should not be owed salaries, who plays football on an empty stomach?

    Poor coaching and management.
    The NPFL is a poor quality competition. I think it's a slap on all the indigenous coaches when NFF President said he made a vow to get a foreign coach for the Super falcons and he did. What happened to the Nigeria coaches? All the coaches that help with the qualifications for the World Cup are probably not good enough but instead of getting foreign coaches, we also need to train the coaches.

    Our coaches needs some form of capacity building. If they cannot go out to improve themselves, NFF and LMC should look for ways of developing coaches by bringing experienced coaches to train our home grown coaches. Another thing worthy of mentioning is that NFF and LMC should not politicize the issue, training coaches who are only in the good book.

    We can see the difference between Gernot Rohr who is not even a high ranked coach and other indigenous coaches that have handled the Super Eagles. Training the will also help our league look more attractive. We are hell bored of seeing our players play agricultural football or any where belle face kind of football.

    The home side takes it all syndrome.
    In the 2017/18 season after match day 4 all the team in the NPFL have all experienced a defeat and sometimes it takes match day 2 for this to happen. it does not happen like this in saner climes, sometimes it takes like the Seventh or Eight or more game before all the teams suffer their first defeat. It took like how long for Manchester City to suffer their first defeat, Barcelona yet to suffer a league defeat.

    This is caused by the home must win mentally of the NPFL teams, penalties cropping up very late in the game or team cry foul of referee indecision or bad decisions in the game.

    This and many more are factor killing the league. What do you think? Have a say, drop your comments below.

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