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Ole making the difference, giving United what they need

Discussion in 'English league' started by sport maestro, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    OPINION: What Solksjear has done so far with Manchester United.
    Talk about Solksjear and fans are with a smile on their faces. However, there are sceptics that will still say.
    "What has he done so far? After Mourinho, this was expected, any manager would have done this. United were never really in difficulty so he never proved anything as a manager."

    So what has Solksjear done so far?
    1. He brought joy in the changing room, smiles on the faces of players and optimism amongst the fans. He managed to boost the confidence of players who started to actually enjoy themselves on the field and eventually results were affected positively. Talk about a manager motivating his players...

    2. He manages to get the best out of players. The best example to illustrate this is Paul Pogba. Under Mourinho this season, in 15 games Pogba scored 3 and assisted 3 times. Under Solksjear, in 9 games, he scored 8 and assisted 5 times. Rashford doing wonders and Herrera, who was relegated to the bench by Jose who is now shining in midfield. All these are not by chance. Solksjear gave Pogba the keys, played Rashford in his preferred position and boosted his confidence.

    3. United playing a more attacking, pacey and direct football. Whose instructions are these? Who gave the players the freedom to attack? Solskjear.

    4. We know what out best 11 is with Solksjear. Same players are deployed most of the time and they have build the team chemistry we were lacking before. Pogba finding Rashford or vice versa so often on the pitch, yes it's talent but it also shows that they have find their marks with each other. The team looks well connected now and credits Solksjear for maintaining the same players often.

    5. "What has he done so far?"
    United were 11 points behind Chelsea and are today in front of them which is huge. Top 4 looked impossible and it is just a bad nightmare as of today after just a few games.

    6. "After Mourinho, this was expected, any manager would have done this."
    We are talking about 10 wins and 1 draw in 11 games. In the last 11 games all competitions, no team has managed to do better whether it is Barcelona, Bayern, Psg, Juventus or Real Madrid. United also has taken more points than any teams in the Premier League since Solksjear's arrival. People just do not realise how big this is. Amd no, not just any manager would have done as good as we did with Solksjear.

    7. "United were never in difficulty so he proved nothing as a United manager"
    11 games gone and we were in difficulty just 1 time, vs Burnley. How good is that? Why are you wishing United to be in difficulty if they are being good enough to control and kill games so as to avoid being in difficulty? This is actually good.

    Yes it is still early but kindly do not rubbish what Solksjear has done with this team so far.

    Mourinho PL record this season:
    Games - 17
    Wins - 7
    Draws - 5
    Defeats - 5
    Goal difference - 0
    Points - 26
    Position - 6th

    Solskjaer PL record this season:
    Games - 9
    Wins - 8
    Draws - 1
    Defeats - 0
    Goal difference - +17
    Points - 25
    Position - 4th
  2. Peter Drury: He's scoring with 6 on his back, as many as others do with 10 on their backs"

    Drury: " who finishes fourth, Chelsea or united?"
    Beglin "I was asked this question a few months back and I said Chelsea.....I'm beginning to regret it"
  3. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    Breaking: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has now won more Premier League games this season (8) than Jose Mourinho (7). It has taken Solskjaer 9 games to achieve that feat.
  4. realsporting

    realsporting Administrator Staff Member

    19th December:
    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer appointed.
    4⃣ Chelsea 37pts
    5⃣ Arsenal 34pts
    6⃣ Man Utd 26pts

    9th February:
    9 league games later.
    4⃣ Man Utd 51pts
    5⃣ Chelsea 50pts
    6⃣ Arsenal 47pts
    What an impact.

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