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Raheem Sterling react to racist chant in Montenegro

Discussion in 'Euro' started by Arsenal boy, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. Arsenal boy

    Arsenal boy New Member

    Raheem Sterling has condemned the racist abuse that he and England’s black players suffered in Podgorica on Monday night in the Three Lions’ thumping 5-1 win over Montenegro.

    The result was overshadowed by the monkey noises and racist chants aimed at England’s players throughout the match, with manager Gareth Southgate confirming they would be reporting the incidents to UEFA.

    After scoring England’s fifth and final goal of the night, Sterling celebrated by putting his hands to his ears in front of Montenegro’s ultras, and he believes the powers that be need to take a tougher stance.

    Asked about the chants afterwards, he told Sky Sports : ‘To be honest with you, I didn’t hear it personally but Danny [Rose] made it clear that’s what they were doing so I just wanted to show them that they’re gonna need more than that to upset us and stop us.

    ‘Because what can I do? We know, all of us know, what skin colour we are, so I don’t know what the big issue is. It’s not like you’re telling us anything new.’

    Asked if it’s depressing that racism is still going on, Sterling continued: ‘Mate, it’s 2019 now. I keep saying it. It’s just a shame to see this keep going on.

    ‘We can only bring awareness to the situation and bring light to the situation. It’s now time for the people that are in charge to put a real stamp on it, because you can fine someone but what’s that going to do?

    ‘You’ve got to make it harder. You’ve got to punish the whole fans, so they can’t go to the games. You’ve got to do something to really make them think twice. If their team can’t play with fans, it’s going to be difficult for them. So it’s got to be something that makes them think twice.

    ‘We can only, I can only, the FA can only do so much. We’ve got to leave this to the people in charge to really try and make a proper stance on it. Just banning one or two people is not going to change anything.’

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