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Ronaldo never impressed me - Tosic

Discussion in 'Other European leagues' started by Real Tosin, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Real Tosin

    Real Tosin Member

    Ronaldo and Messi might be the most best, most admired and most talked about football players of our generation, breaking records and setting record at will, but a Besiktas defender Dusko Tosic has a different opinion.

    Dusko Tosic claims he has never been impressed by Real Madrid and Portugal forward Cristiano Ronaldo whenever he face the Portuguese adding that Ronaldo has only ever been a peripheral figure when the pair have faced off.

    The 32 years old is adamant he would not take Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi over any of his team-mates at the Turkish champions

    Tosic not an admirer of Messi or Ronaldo

    Despite winning nine Ballons d'Or between them, dominating the world of football with their goal scoring dexterity, Tosic seemingly prefers attackers such as Ryan Babel, Ricardo Quaresma, Cenk Tosun and Vincent Aboubakar over either of Ronaldo or Messi.

    Tosic told Fanatik, "I would not replace anyone at Besiktas in favour of Messi or Ronaldo, I love my team-mates and my team.

    "Besides, I played against Ronaldo in the past and he never impressed me. He played like he was not even there."

    Tosic has made a name for himself after helping Besiktas finished four points clear of Istanbul Basaksehir in 2016-17 to two consecutive Super Lig titles and their 15th Super Lig title.
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  2. football agent

    football agent New Member

    i think in this case, this man called tosic is really biased, we are talking about the most talented players of the decade, however everybody is entitlled to his opinion
  3. :p:D:D:p Well I believe he only voiced his opinion. Take it or leave it, that's his opinion
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  4. pelvis

    pelvis New Member

    perhaps he only want to show some respect to his team mates
  5. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    Perhaps the young man is only speaking his mind

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