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Rooney reveals what he told Ronaldo after their infamous clash in 2006 World Cup.

Discussion in 'World cup' started by sport maestro, Feb 7, 2018.

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    Manchester United Legendary striker teamed up with Jamie Carragher in the Sky Sports studio on Monday Night Football And the duo analysed and discussed several talking points.

    Rooney was quizzed about the infamous incident that happened between him and his then Manchester United teammate Cristiano Ronaldo when England and Portugal clashed in the knock out stage of the 2006 World Cup.

    Rooney was given the matching order in the quarter-final clash in Germany for a stamp on Portugese defender Ricardo Carvalho but his Manchester United teammate Ronaldo who was accused of influencing the referee's decision after he led the protests and was shoved by Rooney before the referee Horacio Marcelo Elizondo was forced to wave the red card in the 62nd minute.

    After getting Rooney sent off, Ronaldo was caught winking to his country's coaches and substitutes on the bench afterwards and his antics irated the England fans and members of the press.

    Reacting to the incident of 12 years ago on Monday Night Football Rooney said: "It was a weird feeling sat in that dressing room. If we would have gone through, I would have missed the semi-final and the final, but if we went out it was my fault.

    "I spoke to Ronaldo after the game in the tunnel. I said the press are going to want to make a big thing about us falling out, but I said ‘don’t worry about it, I would have done the same thing. I tried to get him booked for diving in the first half.

    "He was my club team-mate, but he was a rival in internationals, so if I could have gotten him sent off, I would."

    Portugal progressed to the next round after beating 10-man England on penalties, and it was rumoured afterwards that the incident had affected the relationship between Manchester United attacking duo Ronaldo and Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo does not want to return to the Old Trafford as he eye a move to Real Madrid.

    Manchester United boss at the time Alex Ferguson quickly stepped in as the pressure was much of Ronaldo who was determined to move out of England. Ferguson spoke at lenght about the incident after Cristiano Ronaldo won his fifth Ballon d'or title

    In a lengthy interview with France Football Alex Ferguson said: "It actually all started during the 2006 World Cup when Rooney was sent off against Portugal and the press and critics accused Cristiano of having contributed to that. It was unfair. But I have to say that on that occasion, Rooney was fantastic and managed the situation very well.

    "He came to me and asked if he and Cristiano should do an interview together to silence all the critics before the start of season. I told him that the idea did not seem wise. I thought that it was some sort of gimmick, and I do not like gimmicks.

    "Through Jorge Mendes, we were informed that Cristiano was unhappy. He told Jorge that he would not come back to United and that he wanted to go to Real Madrid. At the time [Ramon] Calderon was running for Real Madrid's presidency and used Cristiano as a reason to vote for him, which was unseemly of him.

    "I took the plane to Lisbon to meet Cristiano in Carlos Queiroz's house. I told him, ' You are not leaving this year. I do not want to sell you to Calderon. But if you play well, you will leave later.' In 2009, Florentino Perez became president of Real, which made it easier for us to work with him concerning his transfer."

    Although Rooney reacted maturely after the incident, it does not take away the pain he felt after losing to Portugal both in Euro 2004 and 2006 World Cup. In 2009 during the World Cup qualifiers, Rooney revealed that he hoped that Portugal will fail to qualify for 2010 World Cup.

    "Of course, it's a straight red card, I've got no argument about that but I just try to forget about it now and move on. I've got a chance to put it right in the next tournament."
    But It would be nice to see Portugal not there because [at our] last two tournaments they've knocked us out," Rooney said.
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