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School sport can help kill the menace of drug abuse

Discussion in 'School sport blog' started by realsporting, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. realsporting

    realsporting Administrator Staff Member

    I'm not here to sugarcoat or hype the importance of Sports in curbing drug abuse. In fact, at some point, scientifically, there is no clear answer to the question "Does sports help to prevent and reduce the abuse of drug, alcohol, and smoking in young people". Leave the research for the researcher, we can feel the impact of sport in curbing drug abuse in the society.

    Recently on May 27th Children's Day I was watching a programme on TV organised and anchored by the school children on drug abuse, they did well in analysing the effect of drug abuse and also proffered solutions, but listening to them proved without doubt that drug abuse will continue to thrive in Nigeria if not globally if drastic measures are not put in place.

    Why did I make such assertion? Simply because the country Nigeria among other nations promotes drug user, addicts and drug abuse. How do I mean. I believe this example would suffice to illustrate my point. Most musicians smoke heavily in their music videos, make videos on YouTube where they are abusing drugs. These videos gets lots of views and likes. Sadly most youth see these musicians as role model and then tend to follow in their step.

    Telling the youth not to abuse drug might end up being an utter waste of time and resources because their role model abuse drugs heavily and the society adores and encourage them by giving them endorsement, invites them to concert, see them as the national hero.

    A guy once asked a question. "Why do successful hip-hop almost always do hard drugs? Does abuse of controlled substances enhance creativity? What message does it send to young, impressionable minds? Are we supporting this deviant behavior by buying their music?
    Another said, "I'll break the drug law or any law to be successful because when I'm successful the society will celebrate me."

    It's high time for a fundamental change in our attitude about how we celebrate drug and alcohol users in the society and also create a way we deal with it. Are you aware that all the huffing and puffing in the current war on drugs has not been able curb substance abuse in the country?

    The human misery that addiction and abuse cause can’t be calculated. The consequences of this epidemic are severe. Alcohol and other drug abuse are involved in most violent and property crimes, in fact very high percentage of criminal commit crime while high or have a history of substance abuse/addiction, addicts steal to buy drugs. 70% of abused and neglected children have alcohol or drug abusing parents. 90% of homeless are alcoholics or alcohol abusers; 60% abuse other drugs.

    Illicit drug use is especially of concern when it comes to substance abuse as it contributes to “escalating healthcare costs, loss of worker productivity, homelessness, school failure, vehicular accidents, crime, unintended pregnancies, and domestic violence.

    Scientists are considering the possibility that exercise—including active play, outdoor adventure, team sports, martial arts, and dance—not only boosts energy and keeps weight in check but also helps prevent substance abuse.

    The best way to grab the attention of children and teens is often to offer them a range of appealing challenges. Physical activities—particularly in natural environments—offer youth healthy opportunities to learn skills, take risks, and achieve goals.

    Physical activities in general, are critical to developing healthy bodies and minds, and are associated with many other benefits, including enhancing school achievement and the developing positive self-identities.

    The benefits of sports are numerous and can impact our lives in profound ways. This is not to say that just because you play a sport or are physically active you are suddenly no longer at risk for substance abuse. The relationship between sports participation and substance use is complex; however, studies do show a reduced risk in those who play sports versus those who do not.

    Patterns of drug abuse among teens suggest that physical activity can strengthen resistance to addiction. Research indicate that high school students who exercise regularly are less likely than sedentary teens to smoke cigarettes or abuse marijuana although the relationship between drugs and exercise, however, may be indirect. Perhaps students who choose to exercise tend to make healthy decisions in general.

    Initiation of substance abuse may also be countered by the support of teammates, coaches, and family; by other social aspects of participation in organized activities; and by the time management skills that active teens develop.

    Sports provide tremendous benefits and can steer a child in the right direction. One way sports helps prevent teens from using illicit drugs is simply the fear of being kicked off a team, not being allowed to play or losing a scholarship.

    Sports give a child the tools to succeed throughout life, whether that is personally, academically or professionally. When a child participate in sports, they are given so much more than mental and physical health benefits, they are given a focus, taught to believe in themselves, introduced to a network of people, learn important morals and values and much more. All these help protect them against using alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other illicit drugs

    Rather, research suggests that participation in sports and athletic teams, particularly competitive and contact sports, is likely to decreased risk for cigarette smoking and illegal drug use. Sports will give them an activity to occupy their time, promote physical fitness and health, and keep them away from negative peer influences.

    We all know how much Sports bodies frowns at the use of drugs, therefore, a child aspiring to be a athlete will abstain from illicit drugs. You might want to argue that lots of athlete have been banned for using performance enhancing substances, are you also aware that most of the performance enhancing substance are sold over the counter and are illicit drugs?

    Statistically we have known for some time that teens who abuse alcohol and smoke marijuana are likelier to use drugs like cocaine and heroin as adults, so also a child who was not involved in any form of drug abuse will likely grow up to be a drug free adult.

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