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Sweden boss reveals why brahimovic won't make World Cup squad

Discussion in 'World cup' started by Real Tosin, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Real Tosin

    Real Tosin Member

    LA Galaxy forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic is eyeing a return to the Sweden squad and get a chance to play at another World Cup, but his hope of returning to the squad has been dashed after the coach of Sweden's national team revealed that the veteran striker had no place in the national team.

    The 36 year-old striker who retired from international football after Sweden were knocked out at the group stages of Euro 2016, making 116 appearance for the national team, has earlier ruled out a return to international football even if Sweden beat Italy in the World Cup play-offs but had regularly insisted he wanted to go to Russia ever since his side edge out Italy in the two legged playoff.

    Zlatan celebrated his country's qualification for the World Cup with a tweet reading: "We are Zweden", along with an image of his former teammates celebrating. The veteran striker tweet causes a lot of controversies on the social media and sweden manager Janne Andersson has dismissed suggestions Ibrahimovic could come out of international retirement after his side booked their place at the 2018 World Cup at the expense of Italy.

    "This is incredible! This player [Ibrahimovic] has just stopped to play with Sweden one year and a half ago and we are still here talking about him," Andersson told reporters post-match. Gosh, we need to talk about the great players we have in this team I believe."

    As world Cup draws nearer, Sweden confirm Zlatan Ibrahimovic won't go to World Cup. The country's FA chief revealed that although he's not in charge of team selection, but he's convinced that Zlatan will not form part of Sweden's 23-man squad for the World Cup. It's believed that Ibrahimovic coming out of retirement for the 2018 World Cup in Russia could KILL Sweden's team spirit.

    With Zlatan consistently expressing his desire to play for Sweden in Russia and increasing speculation that he he could make the national team. Andersson has now put an end to such speculation and dashed the hope of those willing to see Zlatan to the national team.

    Speaking to TYC Sport: " Ibrahimovic said no to the national team. He was not going to be in the team after the European Championship, and I respected him.

    "If you rejected the team, I do not think you should come back. I respect what he said and those who said 'yes'. Ibrahimovic has not called me, but he's definitely not included in the plans for the World Cup."

    In case you don't know, November 2017 while Sweden were preparing for the playoff against Sweden, Ibrahimovic ruled out a return to international football even if Sweden beat Italy in the World Cup play-offs and reach the finals in Russia next year.

    “I am not thinking about Sweden or the World Cup,” he told Sky Sports Italy . “I am just thinking about returning to full fitness as soon as possible. My story with the national team is finished. Maybe I could have done more, maybe I could have done less but my time [with them] has come to an end. Either way it would be beautiful if Sweden reached the World Cup.”

    Do you think the coach made the best judgement? Have a say, drop your comments below.
  2. realsporting

    realsporting Administrator Staff Member

    He was not there in their trying times, he was not their pain and mistakes, so he should not be share in their success and glory.

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