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The father of tactics, José Mourinho.

Discussion in 'English league' started by Alameen Zubairu, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Alameen Zubairu

    Alameen Zubairu New Member

    Jose Mourinho may well be addressed by the larger majority of people to be one of the most defensive minded coach in football history, however his own tactics and idea have helped him throughout his spell at Porto, Inter Milan, Chelsea, Real Madrid and now at Manchester United.

    Mourinho was phenomenal at Porto, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Chelsea. He completed an immaculate record of having won four championships at four different clubs.
    There is no doubt josé takes jobs at the most demanding clubs, clubs with huge expectation. Take Real Madrid for instance, The Los blancos have not gone past the round of 16 in the Champions league since 2002 until Mourinho took over. however José ended that nightmare and Real Madrid have won 3 tittles from then. He may not have won it, but he surely have instilled some mentality. He also ended Barcelona dominance in La Liga.

    Back to the topic.
    Some recent Manchester united games have proved to be tactical and have really got them the win. Last season at the finals of Europa league ,it was a pure tactical approach that got them past Ajax's lethal youngsters, as well as Chelsea game last season at old Trafford, when Ander Herrera was assigned the role of man marking Eden hazard and then josé got the win.

    José Mourinho is certainly one of the best tactical master we have around if not the best. He really have got to some situations when it matters for his team, however he is given a little of appreciation.

    Against Liverpool, United were defensive as usual and that kept Liverpool forward that included Mo Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firminho had no shot on goal despite having the ball always in their possession. You just have to give it to Mourinho, he knew what he wants doing.

    United used their long ball tactics to overcome jurgen klopp's men, the goals came in the same fashion, it was as if he had a crystal ball revealing how the goals will be scored. De Gea's goal kicks found the ever present Romelu Lukaku, who have been bullying the back line of liverpool and eventually came goals.

    The question is why did Mourinho decide to use Marcus Rashford who has not started a league match since December as if he knews Rashford would score a brace and in the second half, he was able to neutralize whatever Liverpool trio intended to do. All thanks to José Mourinho's tactical approach.

    The thing is, Mourinho got his tactics right? How many goals did Man United have on target? How many goals did they score? That was all that mattered

    Football is certainly a game that's all about scoring goals. With scoring more goals and conceding less, trophies, accolades, prizes are achieved. Team managers have deviced their his own way of putting the ball at the back of the net. José has his and he is shown to be a master in his department.

    What do you think of Jose Mourinho tactics? The best you can have around? Have a say, drop your comments below.

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