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Uganda Premier League winners 1949-2019

Discussion in 'Uganda {Azam Premier League}' started by superstriker, Apr 24, 2019.

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    The Ugandan Premier League also known as the StarTimes Uganda Premier League for sponsorship reasons is the top division of the Federation of Uganda Football Associations.
    The league was previously known as the 'Uganda Super League' but changed in the 2014–15 season after new management taking over. The league's roots date back to 1968 when the National First Division League was established.

    1949 United Budonians
    1953 Police
    1959 Nsambya
    1960 Makerere College
    1961 Not held
    1962 Bitumastic
    1963 Bitumastic
    1964 Express FC
    1966 Express FC
    1967 Bitumastic
    1968 Prisons FC
    1969 Prisons FC
    1970 Coffee United SC
    1971 Army
    1972 annulled
    1973 annulled
    1974 Express FC
    1975 Express FC
    1976 Kampala City Council SC
    1977 Kampala City Council SC
    1978 Simba FC (Lugazi)
    1979 Uganda Commercial Bank (Kampala)
    1980 Nile Breweries FC (Jinja)
    [4/23, 19:13] Caesar: 1981 Kampala City Council SC
    1982 Nakivubo Villa SC (Kampala)
    1983 Kampala City Council SC
    1984 Nakivubo Villa SC (Kampala)
    1985 Kampala City Council SC
    1986 Nakivubo Villa SC (Kampala)
    1987 Nakivubo Villa SC (Kampala)
    1988 Nakivubo Villa SC (Kampala)
    1989 Nakivubo Villa SC (Kampala)
    1990 Nakivubo Villa SC (Kampala)
    1991 Kampala City Council SC
    1992 Nakivubo Villa SC (Kampala)
    1993 Express FC (Kampala)
    1994 Nakivubo Villa SC (Kampala)
    1995 Express Red Eagles (Kampala)
    1996 Express Red Eagles (Kampala)
    1997 Kampala City Council SC
    1998 Villa SC (Kampala)
    1999 Villa SC (Kampala)
    2000 Villa SC (Kampala)
    2001 Villa SC (Kampala)
    2002 Villa SC (Kampala)
    2003 Villa SC (Kampala)
    2004 Villa SC (Kampala)
    2005 Police (Jinja)
    2006 URA SC (Kampala)
    2007 URA SC (Kampala)
    2008 Kampala City Council SC
    2009 URA SC (Kampala)
    2010 Bunamwaya SC (Wakiso)
    2011 URA SC (Kampala)
    2012 Express FC
    2013 Kampala Capital City Authority FC
    2014 Kampala Capital City Authority FC
    2015 Vipers SC
    2016 Kampala Capital City Authority FC
    2017 Kampala Capital City Authority FC
    2018 Vipers SC
    2019 Kampala Capital City Authority FC

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