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What Rohr should work on ahead of the World Cup

Discussion in 'World cup' started by realsporting, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. realsporting

    realsporting Administrator Staff Member

    Area where the Super Eagles need to work on.
    Goal keeping.
    More or less, Francis Uzoho has been guaranteed a starting shirt ahead of the other contenders in goal for Nigeria at the World Cup. His match against England was his best outing, even when every other player were fumbling and wormbling, he kept the goal at a respectable level.

    However it's important to say that he should be more consistent at that because the second goal he conceded was due to his indecisiveness and inexperience. It takes time to correct the goalie’s inability or improve his ability.

    The goal keeper parries the ball alot which is a plus to his feather, because the ball made for the World Cup are designed to beat the goal keepers, the balls are always very difficult to grab. The second goal he conceded against England was able to beat him because he tried catching it, if he has parried, he would have parried it to safety. His decision making needs to be top notch.

    Defence coordination
    One thing the goal keeper needs to work on is how he coordinate and moderate the defence. The goalkeeper needs to sum up his confidence to shout at the defenders. He might not be the captain of his side, but he's definitely the captain of the box. There were too many gaps and spaces in the defence of the Super Eagles which shouldn't be.

    Against England, long passes from deep in the English set up kept reaching free English forwards. They always kept getting through with long passes which kept. Beating Iceland is one of the must of our World Cup 1st round and Iceland will no doubt depend on counters that are built on sending long passes to free men upfront.

    The keeper needs to shout at the defenders to close up the gaps, however, the downside to that is this. Uzorho is just 19 playing with oldies, will he be able to shout at players like Mikel who has spent 13 years in the Super Eagles? Well, he should learn from Enyeama, that's one thing he did to perfection he always kept the defenders on their toes because the goal keeper is the only guy that will see the gaps and can mention it to the players. If the Uzorho can't do it, then someone else have to do it.

    The players should make use of code words. There was no communication at all especially at the defence. Those head shrinking clashes were uncalled for. The players headbutted each other twice against England.(Leon Balogun and Joe Obi headbutted each other)

    The team should device cue words like ‘lego’ (as in let go), ‘my ball’, ‘man on you’, ‘clear’, ‘shoot’ etc. Otherwise we might lose our best player from clashes or headbutting. Headbutting alone could make a player suffer concussion probably that was why Leon Balogun couldn't continue in the second half. We need to work on communication and over zealousness.

    Attacking and midfield
    The striking position was very poor as well. Odion Ighalo was left upfront which shouldn't be. It's good that Rohr made some ingenious substition when he changed the formation from 4-2-1-3 to 3-5-2 which became an instant success begging the question, is Rohr a second half coach. The players need to move forward when we are attacking and create options for the assist.

    The midfielders were shambolic with no creative or innovative egde. John Obi Mikel was poor and rusty, he pulled no weight in going forward, Ogehi Onazi seized to be the Onazi we use to know. The last time he was fantastic was during the 2014 World Cup Since then he has been very poor he even finds it difficult to make five yards passes. Joel Obi was nothing to write home about, he kept turning the ball over. His passes were poor, he could make tackles and has successfully played himself out of the first team.

    Infact Joel Obi's inclusion in the squad has been questioned and he couldn't even justify his inclusion in the squad, his combination with Onazi was poor. However, the team needs him, because he's a tough marker despite being injury prone which is the reason for his dip in form.

    Oghenekaro Etebo is a good marker, a player with the lungs of a camel, we need him against Croatia like the other midfielders, although he's passes can be poor and he needs to be more creative.

    The passes were poor, Passing is crucial it's if you have to retain possession, launch counters attacks, however, the team should avoid aimlessly knocking the balls around when they can launch attacks instead, the passes should have creative and innovative egde.

    Will Rohr stick with playing 3 at the back in 3-5-2 formation or return to our regular 4-2-1-3. Iwobi has been creative with his passes and it's been debated if he play from the midfield. The reason he's been playing with the wings is because of the 4-2-1-3 formation we've been playing. A structure where you have two players on the wings and a centre striker.

    Moreover, preferably, Iwobi should play as an attacking midfielder and Mikel withdraw into the defensive midfield just like he did for Chelsea and partner with Wilfred Ndidi. Tryonne Ebuehi should player ahead of Shehu Abubakar. Indidi should be a replacement for Onazi, both players should not play together. Onazi can come in as a substitute. So Rohr should use the 3-5-2 which yielded immediate dividend.

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