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Who will replace Cristiano Ronaldo?

Discussion in 'Spanish League' started by Real Tosin, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Real Tosin

    Real Tosin Member

    REAL MADRID reportedly have Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Eden Hazard and Harry Kane on their list of potential Cristiano Ronaldo replacements after the 33-year-old joined Juventus today.

    Real Madrid have lost Ronaldo to Juventus with the Portugal international moving to Serie A in a huge £105million transfer.

    The player has decided to choose a Serie A swansong after Juve agreed to grant him pay parity with Lionel Messi and Neymar.

    Real Madrid are now eyeing replacements with Neymar, Mbappe, Hazard and Kane on their radar.

    And the Daily Mail say that, out of the four, Neymar is the player Real would love to sign the most.

    Their interest in him is nothing new, with Florentino Perez tracking him since his days as a Brazilian prodigy with Santos.

    They lost out when Barcelona landed him in 2013, with the Catalan giants’ relationship with his father key.

    Despite that, though, Perez has always remained an admirer.
    The Real Madrid president contemplated activating his £200million buyout clause last summer.
    PSG, though, ultimately managed to snare him away from Barcelona.
    The Daily Mail say Real see Neymar’s marketability as a key reason for them pursuing his signature. However, fans are said to think otherwise.

    It is said certain members of the club’s fanbase harbour doubts about Neymar due to his ego. But whether that stops Perez from trying to make him Real’s Ronaldo replacement remains to be seen.

    Meanwhile, Brazil legend Ronaldo thinks Neymar would be the perfect fit at the Bernabeu. He endorsed a deal back in May, saying: “I don’t decide anything for Real Madrid. I’m following it in the press, but right now I have nothing confirmed.

    “I don’t know what is going to happen, although Madrid has historically made some big signings. If it is confirmed then Neymar would fit very well into the profile of a Real Madrid player.”
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  2. Aloys

    Aloys New Member

    When i see Real Maldrid going for Neymar i just laugh at them, that boy will not even do half of what Cr7 has done in Maldrid , his football drop, I dont see any of them as replacement for Cr7.. Real Maldrid will lose many fans and i see them droping too..
  3. realsporting

    realsporting Administrator Staff Member

    I strongly disagree with you on this, Real Madrid will falter not because Ronaldo left them, but because the whole system changed and the change is drastic, a change in management and a depleted team caused by loss of major players which started with Ronaldo, because other players will move on too.
  4. realsporting

    realsporting Administrator Staff Member

    On who to replace Ronaldo, no one can replace Ronaldo as @Aloys said, but the inclusion of any of the three potential replacement is enough to spice up the team.
  5. Aloys

    Aloys New Member

    For me a change on mangement with Ronaldo has little or no effect now Ronaldo is out Real Maldrid fans will drop...Real Madrid's official Instagram account has lost 40M followers since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo.
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  6. Real Tosin

    Real Tosin Member

    Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed footballer, all United fans who claim to be Real Madrid fans because of Ronaldo are all liars. Some would even want Barcelona to out shine Real Madrid in every realm just to prove a point that a Real Madrid squad without Ronaldo is useless.
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