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Why United fans arrogantly believe they will eliminate Barça in the Champions League

Discussion in 'Champions League and Europa League' started by Arsenal boy, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Arsenal boy

    Arsenal boy New Member

    Ole: “The Champions League throws up so many strange results. I think Barcelona know that more than anyone. It's not going to be decided until we've played 90 minutes in the Nou Camp. We have to perform to our best so we have a result to bring over to Barcelona."

    The last English team to win a game and eliminated Barcelona from the UCL were 6th on the PL table (Chelsea 2012)
    Manchester United are 6th on the PL
    Not sure you got it
    Also Chelsea sacked a Portuguese manager and a former player took over to face Barcelona
    Manchester United sacked a Portuguese manager and gave it to a former player.

    Chelsea made a comeback against on form Napoli in the R16
    Manchester United also made a comeback against on form PSG in the R16

    Chelsea had Mata in the team
    Manchester United have Mata now

    Chelsea had a black and tall King as a CF
    Manchester United have King Lukaku

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