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Winter Olympics could be the beginning of the end of North and South Korea war

Discussion in 'General sport discussion' started by sport maestro, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    The winter Olympics is here, it's not about the Olympics, but the good story that could be coming from the Olympics. It's been said several times that sports is that it's a unifying factor to unite people countries at war come together for a truce.

    We might just be seeing a sort of relationship between North Korea and South Korea who has been at war for a long time.

    Chang Ung, North Korea’s International Olympic Committee representative reveals that the country is likely to participate in next month winter Olympics and the new year speech given by the controversial North Korea president Kim Jong-un said they just might participate.

    Skating duo of Ryom Tae Ok and Kim Ju Sik who captured a bronze medal in February 2017 at the Asian Winter Games in Japan will likely represent North Korea in this year winter Olympics.

    South Korea has offered to hold high-level talks with North Korea on January 9 to discuss bringing athletes from Pyongyang to the Winter Olympics.

    International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach will host talks over North Korea's possible participation in the Winter Olympics, which are being staged in South Korea.

    Us president Donald Trump supports North Korea competing at Olympics in South Korea. Trump said on Saturday at Camp David:
    “I'd like to see them getting involved in the Olympics and maybe things go from there so I'm behind that 100%.”

    South Korea says it will roll out the red carpet for North Korea's Olympic delegation. It seem this might just open the border for the North to move to the South and then participate in the winter Olympics isn't it?

    Yes. This might just end the war between the two countries even if it's temporarily and might give the two countries and opportunity to come together at a round table. Funny enough the two countries are fighting are fighting and the reason for their fight cannot be ascertain.

    Sport is believed to fosters relationships and strengthens bonds, feelings and emotions mutually among nations.

    The power of sport to unify, empower and motivate cannot be overemphasized, countries have become allies which has directly or indirectly aided the unity among nations.

    Can Winter Olympics bring a temporary or permanent solution to the war between North Korea and South Korea? Have a say, drop your comments below.
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  2. I support their (N. Korea's) participation in de games and who knows, something gud might come from Jerusalem. Yes Sports unite people and countries frm all walks, buh simultaneously it could also lit fire between de two countries warfare status whereas fairness, prejudice etc. are not considered as de main factor/element of de event.
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  3. Ma only hope be say, make everything go on well for a successful tournament.
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