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World Cup draw what are the chances of the African teams?

Discussion in 'World cup' started by sport maestro, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    Group A
    Saudi Arabia

    Group B

    Group C

    Group D

    Group E
    Costa Rica

    Group F
    South Korea

    Group G

    Group H

    We are Africans and how are we going to fair in the World Cup? That's is probably one of the most discussed topic among Africans.

    What the chances of Egypt?
    Group A contain Egypt an African side. The Egyptian have not qualified for the World Cup in a long time last qualifying in 1990. What are their chances of making it out of the group?
    Russia the hosting country will have the crowd behind them, Uruguay can be a very hard nut to crack which limits the chances of Egypt making it out of the group. The likes of Diego Godin, strikers Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez makes them the favourite to top the group. And also the Saudi Arabian can be very slicky and you underrate them at you own peril.

    Mohamed Salah is the most inform Egyptian, he scored five goals in six games in the final round of qualifiers, and presently the highest goal scorer in the Premier League at the moment.

    What are the chances of Morocco in group B?
    The Moroccans had a sensational qualification without conceding a goal. But considering the group in which they find themselves, I believe the Moroccans have the most difficult group in Africa. Their last appearances in the competition was 20 years ago and counting on the experience of their coach Herve Renard, they might pull a surprise.

    Cristiano Ronaldo with Portuguese team will have to reignite there hopes of winning the World Cup, This is probably the list time Ronaldo will make a World Cup and we all know what a motivated Ronaldo can do.

    Since Julen Lopetegui took over the Spanish national team, the team have been firing on all cylinders. They were undefeated in the qualifying campaign won nine games and just one draw, including a 3-0 victory over Italy. Iran are no push over as well Carlos Queiroz will want to make a statement against his native country Portugal, but the seem to be the under dog in the group

    Group D contain Nigeria and their nemesis Argentina.
    Nigeria has qualified for the world Cup for a total of 6 times, and they've met the Argentine 5 times. Can you beat that? What are the chances of Nigeria? The Super Eagles of Nigeria came from 2 goals down to defeat the Argentines 4-2 in a friendly but that does not give them a edge.

    Iceland the "team of the decade" has been incredible With population of 330,000 people, Iceland are the smallest country ever at the World Cup. We can't forget the night at Nice when they knocked out England in the quarter-finals of Euro 2016. Luka Modric, Mario Mandzukic, Ivan Rakitic and Ivan Perisic motivated Croatian team will want to fancy their chances of making the rounds of 16.

    Group G contain two European Super power Belgium and England with makes it almost impossible for Tunisia to make it out of the group. Trust the Belgians and the English will have their eyes on the trophy not just making it out of the group.

    The other members of the group Tunisia and Panama will have to be contended with a place finish on the group. But this is football, the lowly rated side can he a banana peel. With only four million people, the country celebrated their first World Cup appearance with a public holiday, but it seem they will have to come back next time to make a round 16 appearance.

    The Senegalese found themselves in group H which happens to be the most balance group. And their changes of qualifying is fair. Although it seem like Poland and Colombia might have a slight edge over the Senegalese, but we can forget too soon how much surprise the Senegalese can spring.

    Although qualifying wasn't easy for Colombia, the South American side are capable of pulling a surprise..Poland forward Robert Lewandowski on Twitter: "Hello my brother @jamesdrodriguez. I remember your great goals during the last World Cup. I hope you will remember mine from Russia."

    Let's discuss the chance of the African teams? Which Africa side to you think will make it out of the group stage? Join the discussion, drop your comments below.
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  2. Aloys

    Aloys New Member

    Its so tough for the African teams only Egypt i see for now may have some chances making it out of the group stage
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  3. sport maestro

    sport maestro Active Member

    I agree with you my friend, Egypt has a easy draw but I need you to know that the draw is still a very dicey one. Uruguay is the only threat but facing the host nation can be very tricky.
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  4. Aloys

    Aloys New Member

    Very true..
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  5. realsporting

    realsporting Administrator Staff Member

    As much as I want to agree with you, we need to critically analyse this. Salah is out injured and the whole Egypt team rest on his shoulder. Can they survive without him?
    I'm not saying they ain't good, I'm just saying have we considered the psychological effects of Salah's injury on the squad? That might break the team before the tournament begin
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